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Chamomile Recipes


Chamomile is commonly known as an 'herbal tea' (and, more accurately, as a tisane). It can be brewed alone, blended with other herbs, served hot or iced, and even used in cooking various foods. This collection of chamomile recipes showcases some of the versatility of this soothing herb.

Chamomile "Tea" Vodka Recipe

An image of chamomile-infused vodka and the chamomile blossoms used to make it.
Marko Goodwin
This simple infusion is like a less concentrated version of a chamomile tincture. It is soothing and aromatic, and it makes a great after dinner drink. Plus, it's very easy to make -- simply infuse dried chamomile flowers in vodka and then strain them out.

Catnip & Chamomile Recipe

Catnip is known for its effects on cats, but it can also be soothing to humans, especially when combined with chamomile. This herbal tea blend features not only catnip and chamomile, but also lemon balm, mint and lemongrass. The result is a relaxing infusion that's ideal as a pre-bed drink.

Chamomile Chai Recipe

Masala chai, or "chai tea," is traditionally made with spices and black tea. This recipe replaces black tea with chamomile for a caffeine-free, calming version of this spicy classic.

Chamomile Hot Toddy Recipe

Hot Toddies are one of the most famous forms of hot cocktails. They are often made with black tea, but they can also be made with hot water or other hot liquids. In this recipe, Jacob Grier, bar manager at Carlyle restaurant and cocktail blogger based in Portland, Oregon, uses hot water instead of tea, but adds the flavors of chamomile and lavender with the addition of J. Witty Chamomile Liqueur and Scrappy's lavender bitters. At once classic and modern, this is chamomile cocktail an ideal winter warmer.

Flor de Caña Flip Flop Punch Recipe

Chamomile tea is infused into four-year old Flor de Caña rum and then blended with grapefruit and lemon in this innovative alcoholic punch recipe from New York Mixologist Phil Ward. The batch-friendly recipe can easily be doubled or tripled to suit a crowd.

Chamomile-Lavender-Mint Iced Tea Recipe

This soothing chamomile "tea" recipe originally appeared in Sunset Magazine. It was created by a spa owner and is one of the most soothing iced tea recipes I've ever tried.

Fresh Chamomile Sun Tea Recipe

Even if you don't want to make this recipe, check out the post for the gorgeous photos of chamomile "tea" made with fresh flowers!

Chamomile Krambambuli / Danzig Punsch Recipe

Known as "Danzig Punsch" in Austria and "Krambambuli" in Germany, this unusual and wintery recipe combines chamomile with semidry white wine, dark rum, juices, spices and dried fruits. It is served warm in mugs.

Recipe for Strawberry Pie with Chamomile and Currant Glaze

Like the recipe above, this recipe originally appeared in Bon Appetit. It uses chamomile as a key ingredient in a glaze to complement the flavor of fresh strawberries.

Recipe for Scallops Poached in Chamomile "Tea"

Unusual? Yes. Delicious? Also, yes. In addition to desserts, chamomile can be used in recipes for pork dishes, seafood dishes and even soups.

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