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Mint Tea Recipes

How to Make Mint Teas


From iced Southern mint tea to hot peppermint tea and Moroccan mint green tea, this collection of mint tea recipes covers a range of caffeine-free herbal mint "tea" recipes and mint tea recipes that include black or green tea.

Basic Mint Tea Recipe

An image of fresh mint leaves
Lindsey Goodwin

This easy mint tea recipe features fresh mint, which is abundant in summertime. It has a refreshing flavor and is great served hot or iced. For a slightly more complex flavor, try this Peppermint Tea Recipe, which includes lemon balm and fennel seeds.

Maple-Mint 'Tea' Recipe

An image of Rosemary & Mint Tea with fresh rosemary and mint leaves
Lindsey Goodwin
This easy mint herbal infusion recipe is flavored with lemon juice and sweetened with maple syrup. It can be served hot or chilled.

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe

Green tea and spearmint leaves are a traditional blend in Morocco, where tea is often shared amongst friends and family. You can use fresh mint leaves or buy pre-mixed Moroccan Mint teas made with dried mint leaves, and you can brew it simply or use the tea as part of a Moroccan tea ceremony.

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Iced Mint Green Tea Recipe

A glass of mint green tea surrounded by fresh mint leaves
Lindsey Goodwin
This iced green tea recipe gets its kick from fresh mint leaves and a bit of agave nectar. You can use a Gunpowder Green Tea for a flavor akin to Moroccan Mint Green Tea, use Kukicha for a more vegetal flavor, or use Hojicha for a darker, more roasty flavor.

Orange-Mint Tea Recipe

This Eastern European recipe includes fresh-brewed mint leaves, orange juice and lemon juice. Served over ice, it's an unbeatable summertime beverage. If you like this recipe, you might also like this Mint Tea with Lemon recipe from About.com's Southern Food guide.

Watermelon-Mint Iced Tea Recipe

An image of Watermelon Mint Iced Tea in a clear glass.
Marko Goodwin

Fresh mint is pureed with watermelon and black tea for an iced tea that's similar to agua fresca in its attainment of perfect summer refreshment.

Recipe for Miss Millie's Southern Sweet Tea with Mint

This traditional Southern sweet tea from Southern food "herstorian" Miss Millie is made with fresh mint for a summery taste. For a twist on classic Southern iced tea with mint, try this Vanilla-Mint Iced Tea Recipe.

Expecting Mama Mint Tea Recipe

This easy recipe includes dried herbs known for their benefits to expecting mothers. It makes a large batch of blended spearmint leaves, nettle and raspberry leaves that can be used to make a cup of minty, nutritious tea anytime.

Mint Arnold Palmer Recipe

An image of a Mint Arnold Palmer (lemonade-iced tea).
Lindsey Goodwin

"Arnold Palmers" are blends of iced tea and lemonade. This Arnold Palmer recipe includes fresh mint for a flavor akin to lemon-mint sweet tea.

Cucumber-Mint Green Tea Recipe

Peppermint and cucumber make this iced tea recipe from Remedy Tea in Seattle extra cooling. Lime juice and a little simple syrup round out its flavor.

Lime-Mint Iced Tea Recipe

This is an actual tea flavored with mint and lime, so it does contain caffeine. You can use teabags for convenience, or replace each teabag with about one teaspoon of black or green tea.

Green Apple Mint Sparkler Recipe

An image of Stash Green Tea Apple Sparkler iced tea.
Stash Tea

Sparkling water and apple juice meet a blend of green tea and mint in this iced tea recipe from Stash Tea.

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