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A Guide to Coffee Periodicals

Coffee Magazines, Newsletters & More


A Fresh Cup Magazine cover featuring an image of coffee in Japan

Fresh Cup Magazine includes coffee and tea features from around the world. This image is of coffee in Japan.

Fresh Cup Magazine
Coffee has captured the imaginations and the palates of many an American. Its prevalence and role is reflected in the many coffee periodicals devoted to covering coffee topics for coffee connoisseurs and the coffee industry. Below, you'll find the top coffee publications for beverage business owners to watch out for. If you're also interested in tea, be sure to check out the Guide to Tea Periodicals.

Barista Magazine – A bimonthly industry ‘zine that covers everything from companies’ charitable endeavors in coffee production regions to cupping news to business advice on topics like web design.

Barista appeals to baristas and coffeehouse owners alike. The casual tone and quasi-funky aesthetic are like a grown-up version of the quintessential laid-back coffeehouse vibe from coffee culture’s heyday.

Coffee Talk – A monthly, industry centered publication with a heavy focus on the big-business side of coffee.

Coffee Talk appeals primarily to roasters and larger businesses. It includes interviews with business leaders and industry consultants, as well as lots of news blurbs. At about 30 to 50 pages per issue, it’s a relatively short publication. Despite the casual-sounding name, the tone and aesthetic in Coffee Talk are more formal and traditional than Barista and Specialty Coffee Retailer.

Fresh Cup – A monthly, industry-geared publication that is primarily focused on coffee from origin to to-go cup.

Fresh Cup appeals to a range of coffee businesses. It is packed with highly informative, well-illustrated features on topics like barista training, tampers and international coffee trends. It’s often spiced up with exotic and distant wanderlust or an editorialized firsthand experience of a more local coffee locale.

Imbibe – A monthly, consumer-oriented publication that covers a wide range of beverages. Although cocktails, beer and wine are heavily featured, coffee gets its fair share of coverage, too.

Features often include firsthand experience and humor, while recipes and guides are authoritative and informed. The feel of the publication is chic and trendsetting. In print and in its blog and videos, Imbibe contains tips from top experts, engaging guides to specific beverages (such as Riesling wines), clip-worthy recipes and gorgeous images.

Specialty Coffee Retailer – A monthly publication with in-depth coverage of industry trends, plus industry news, coffee travel tales, new products and more.

Some articles’ casual tones allow for jokes, meandering stories and punchy headlines. While other articles are more statistic-driven and business-centered, they tend to read more like helpful guides rather than authoritative manuals and are rarely above using an exclamation point as needed.

Tea & Coffee Asia - The Asian branch of The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. It is a quarterly publication with more of a focus on tea than its sister publication.

Tea & Coffee Asia is generally more focused on trends occurring at tea and coffee origins than on distribution, packaging and retail trends. It is geared toward tea and coffee shops, importers, exporters, packers, distributors and producers.

The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal – A monthly industry magazine that, despite its name, is more about coffee than tea.

International news blurbs, technical coverage and business advice make up the bulk of the magazine. Topics like packaging innovations, decaf and flavoring processes, coffee origins and grinding/roasting optimization are frequently addressed. The tone is straightforward and “facts-first,” with a healthy dose of statistics and historical context.

(Full Disclosure – I have been published in The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.)

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