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Top 7 Bottled Iced Tea


Bottled iced tea is nothing new, but these days there are several new brands you should know about. Oversweet drinks that don't even taste like tea are a thing of the past.

1. Sobe

Sobe Iced Tea
I love these lizards. They carry a large line of drinks, but their exotic tea blends are my favorite. Black, green or oolong tea along with a variety of herbs for an added health punch.

2. Tazo

Tazo Iced Tea
Tazo bottled teas are very flavourful without being too sugary. Most of their iced teas are blended with fruit juices, like mango or passionfruit. You'll enjoy reading their creative labels too.

3. Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf Iced Tea
A line of bottled iced teas that are certified organic and come in a range of flavors, including both black and green teas.

4. Honest Tea

Honest Tea
They have the greatest selection of any brands I've listed. Many of their teas are made from organic ingredients, and you'll find flavour mixes you've never seen before, like cinnamon and rooibos, or green tea and oranges.

5. Long Life

Long Life Iced Tea
All of their teas are organic, with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Some of them aren't even sweetened, for a strong and natural taste.

6. Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea
These teas are downright gourmet quality. Green and black teas, blended with fruits like quinces, plums, cherries and blackberries. You can taste every unique flavour, in every bottle.

7. Anteadote

Anteadote Bottled Iced Tea
The essence of simplicity. A bottled iced tea that that is nothing more than tea and water (plus a shot of vitamin C). All you get is the taste of green tea. You can't beat all-natural tea.

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