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Clear2o Water Filter Pitcher

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Clear2o Water Filter Pitcher

Clear2o Water Filter Pitcher

The Bottom Line

A water pitcher filter that is filled directly through a connection to your tap, making it much faster than the typical gravity-drip filter pitchers. Good coffee or tea starts with clean water.


  • Fills fast
  • Removes alot of water impurities
  • Alerts you when new filter is needed


  • A little complicated to set-up


  • Capacity of 1.75 L
  • Sleek, space-saving design
  • Filters can be bought separately
  • Adapters included for tap attachment
  • Carbon filter removes 53 contaminants from water

Guide Review - Clear2o Water Filter Pitcher

First of all, this is likely the most complicated water filter jug I have ever used. The novel feature about this pitcher filter is that it fills directly from your tap, using the force of the water flow to fill faster than the filters that just have the water drip through the filter. But this means you have to attach the hose (built into the jug handle) directly to the faucet.

The Clear2o comes with an aerator attachment that needs to be in place before using the hose, and there are 2 threaded adapters to help you get everything attached. A bit frustrating at first, but once the attachment is on, I'm just leaving it in place for future jug filling. It doesn't interfere with your tap use. Then attach the end of the hose and turn on the water. Make sure the end is securely fixed to the tap, or water will spray.

Because of the pressure from the faucet, the water passes through the filter very quickly. It also means that the filter can be less porous and still allow water to pass through. So by using a solid carbon block filter, instead of the carbon granules of other filters, more contaminants can be removed.

Overall, it is a very good filter that takes a bit of work when you first start to use it.

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