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New Year's Coffee Resolutions


Do you need to make some changes in your coffee drinking routine? Make a couple of New Year's resolutions

1. Try Something New
Ok, this one may seem pretty obvious. But we all get into ruts and routines when it comes to our coffee. So this year, try to order something different at the coffee house rather than getting the same thing every morning. If you brew your own, try a new roast, or get a grinder and grind your own beans.

2. Watch Your Caffeine
If you are drinking more than 8 cups of coffee per day, you are probably getting too much caffeine. If you find you find that the habit of drinking is too strong, start buying decaf. Your body will thank you.

3. Clean Your Machine
You really should do this more than once a year, but I thought I'd use this moment to remind you. Your coffee maker or espresso machine will work better if you clean them. And while you are at it, scour those stains out of your favourite coffee mug.

4. Get a New Mug
Speaking of coffee mugs, get yourself a new one this year. Don't settle for the plain old mugs that came with your dinner plates. Have a whole collection of fun and funky mugs for your coffee.

5. Get Ethical
Why not choose to support some of the smaller coffee companies, those that specialize in ethical coffee. By "ethical", I mean any variation of organic, shade-grown, bird-friendly, or fair-trade coffees.

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