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Reader Stories: How Did You Cut Down on Caffeine?


Check out these tips on caffeine reduction from other About.com readers:

Caffeine Reduction During Pregnancy

I typically drink a decaffeinated version of a favorite black tea, realizing there is still a little bit of caffeine in the tea. This way I still have the taste and texture I like, with much less caf…More

Coffee to Black Tea, Green Tea, Yerba Mate & Herbs

I like some of the new ways of doing familiar teas that are available in coffee/tea shops now. Mate Latte is yummy. I like them with soy or rice milk. Mate does have caffeine, but a lot less than cof…More

Reducing Caffeine From Japanese Green Teas

I selected drinks based on their similar flavor profiles and lower caffeine levels. Matcha is made from the same leaves as Gyokuro, so it has a very similar taste, but Gyokuro is also relatively high…More

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